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Outward links[edit]

  • Can link assistant director: ...n Eagle]]'', starred [[Nita Naldi]] and is a lost film. The assistant director for those films, [[Alma Reville]], later married Hitchcock.... (link to section)
  • Can link horror movie:]]'', a [[boxing]] film with no similarity to the recent horror movie of the same name; ''[[The Farmer's Wife]]'', a comedy; ''[[... (link to section)
  • Can link war film: ...reign Correspondent]]'' was his next film. It was his first war film, and lost the [[Academy Award]] to ''Rebecca'' for [[Academ... (link to section)
  • Can link screwball comedy: ...icture|Best Picture]] of 1940. ''Mr. and Mrs. Smith'' is a screwball comedy that is little-remembered today. It stars [[Carole Lombard]... (link to section)
  • Can link all-American: ... a murderer. ''[[Saboteur]]'' was Hitchcock's first truly all-American film, starring [[Priscilla Lane]], [[Otto Kruger]] and [[Ro... (link to section)
  • Can link plot device: ...lance by the [[CIA]] because of the use of [[uranium]] as a plot device. It is usually considered one of Hitchcock's best films. ... (link to section)
  • Can link golden age: ...Strangers on a Train]]'' the next year, Hitchcock began his golden age. Here two men casually meet and speculate on removing peopl... (link to section)
  • Can link experimental film: ... stage play by Frederick Knott. This was originally another experimental film, with Hitchcock using the technique of 3D cinematography. '... (link to section)
  • Can link the French Riviera: ...the three Kelly films was ''[[To Catch a Thief]]''. Set in the French Riviera, it also stars [[Cary Grant]] as a retired jewel thief who ... (link to section)
  • Can link taxi driver: ...capades of Madam Blanche, a fradulent spiritualist, and her taxi driver lover making a living from her phoney powers. ... (link to section)
  • Can link license plates: ...13 in his films. Adding up various dates, street addresses, license plates, and other numbered items brings up the number 13 on a regu... (link to section)
  • Can link Norman Bates: basis. ''Psycho'' (1960) provides several good examples. Norman Bates moves to select room 3, then room 1. The most recent date o... (link to section)
  • Can link weight loss: ...s solution was to appear in a fictitious newspaper ad for a weight loss product. ... (link to section)
  • Can link an innocent man: ...ISH ---> Roger O. Thornhill ([[Cary Grant]]'s character) is an innocent man ridiculed by his mother for insisting that shadowy, murdero... (link to section)
  • Can link cat burglar: [[Grace Kelly]] offers to help someone she believes is a cat burglar. After becoming interested in Thorwald's life in ''Rear Win... (link to section)
  • Can link musical instrument: ...nt, or in a newspaper advertisement. He generally carries a musical instrument in these cameos. It is a widely popular game to find Hitch... (link to section)
  • Can link movie production: ...episodes of the TV series himself, and he upset a number of movie production companies when he insisted on using his TV production crew ... (link to section)
  • Can link Three Investigators: ...ys]]. Alfred Hitchcock agreed to introduce the cases of the Three Investigators after they succeeded in solving a very difficult case invol... (link to section)
  • Can link fictional character: ...y, his chores as the boys' mentor/friend would be done by a fictional character: a retired detective named Hector Sebastian. Due to the po... (link to section)
  • Can link short stories: ...oks with his name attached. The series was a collection of short stories by popular short story writers. They were primarily focuse... (link to section)
  • Can link short story: ...d. The series was a collection of short stories by popular short story writers. They were primarily focused on suspense and thril... (link to section)
  • Can link French language: ... most famous film role *''[[Aventure Malgache]]'' (1944), a French language short made for the British Ministry of Information... (link to section)
  • Can link Simon and Schuster: ... * [[Francois Truffaut|Truffaut, Francois]]: ''Hitchcock''. Simon and Schuster, 1985. A series of interviews of Hitchcock given by the in... (link to section)
  • Can link Iowa State University:, Marshall; Poague, Leland (ed.): ''A Hitchcock Reader''. Iowa State University Press, 1986. A wide-ranging collection of scholarly essays... (link to section)
  • Can link Ballantine Books: ... an American. * Spoto, Donald: ''The Dark Side of Genius''. Ballantine Books, 1983. A biography of Hitchcock, featuring a controversial... (link to section)
  • Can link Faber and Faber: ...ock interviews. * Conrad, Peter: ''The Hitchcock Murders''. Faber and Faber, 2000. A highly personal and idiosyncratic discussion of H... (link to section)

Inward links[edit]

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  • In Freddy's Nightmares, can backlink Alfred Hitchcock: ...r is the commentator of the shows, in the same style as the Alfred Hitchcock movies (ex: The Birds). As the series goes on, the shows ge...