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Sollog is one of the most discussed topics on the Net, he has close to 100,000 posts about him in usenet.

There should be a neutral place in wikpedia for sollog, since many are searching on the net for him

Skeptics say he does not know the future

Sollog says he does

Sollog posted warnings via usenet that were archived by google, the dates are time-stamped by google, the proof he knows the future is self evident, look at these posts that gave clear warnings about 911 and the Madrid Massacre

On 9/11/1998 Sollog warned of a major emergency in DC on 911

Two years before the March 11th Madrid Massacre occured, Sollog warned of major terrorism on March 11th the exact date of the Madrid Massacre

Sollog was referred to in the Lycos Top 50 after 911 due to all the people looking for info on his 911 Prophecy

Alexa reports his site was in the top 2K after 911

Therefore, due to the sheer amount of posts and web pages about Sollog as the links above prove, the fact he was a major search term as lycos reported, the fact his web site has huge traffic as Alexa verifies, there should be a neutral reference to him and his work on Wiki, IMHO.

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