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Bobbkehrer also known as Khrystal Leight is a female impersonator who has created the concept of Drag Balls at midwestern colleges and universities to acclimate female impersonation to the educated masses to garner acceptance and understanding of the artform of female impersonation. Bobb Kehrer was born in Freeburg, Illinois before moving to St. Louis, MO, where he began female impersonation while attending Washington University in St. Louis. Kehrer became Khrystal Leight, a zaftig blonde drag queen, and within his first year of performing in 1993, at the age of 21, Khrystal became the Bette of the Midwest with his uncanny impersonation of

Bette Midler[edit]

. Kehrer has used his celebrity to raise thousands of dollars for PAWS-STL, Food Outreach, Doorways, and many other benefits to help those afflicted with AIDS and HIV. Kehrer realized that national recognition would help promote his charitable causes, so he began competing in national pageants as a state and/or regional title holder. Kehrer has won the titles of Miss Tri-States Newcomer of the Year, Miss Midwest Entertainer of the Year, Miss Missouri Entertainer of the Year, Miss Mid-America Entertainer of the Year, Miss Missouri USofA-at Large, Miss Missouri Continental Plus, Miss Paducah, Miss Club DV8, Miss Sweetheart, Miss Complex, Miss Iowa USofA-at Large, Miss Chicago Continental Plus, 2nd alternate to Miss Missouri Continental and first alternate to Miss Illinois Enterainer of the Year and Miss Iowa Continental Plus. Kehrer is a consummate performer and still entertains the midwest with his illusion of Bette Midler.

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